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Giving you the service experience you deserve

When you think Asia, think Telstra.

That’s because we bring together the right infrastructure, expertise, and solutions with a world-class customer experience across delivery, service management, and incident response.

Whether you’re choosing solutions, activating them, managing them, or restoring them, Telstra strives to meet and exceed your expectations, every day.

To do that, Telstra offers excellence in experience across three key areas. We have a culture that puts the customer first. We offer our customers clarity by making it easy to work with us. And we raise the bar by challenging ourselves to continually improve.

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How we go above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations

Telstra offers a brilliant experience because we prioritise a customer-first culture. We’re constantly thinking about how to improve your service, delivery, and assurance – from making sure we understand your needs to delivering on our promises.

We are passionate about serving you and driving your performance. Not only have we created new tools and processes to support your experience, but we complement them with a mindset based on ownership. We’re laser-focused on your performance and your experience, going above and beyond so that we’re consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

Telstra understands your needs and delivers on our commitments. We make sure key customers are owned and managed by in-region experts so they can make the right decisions for your service, fast. You get local service supported by global best practice functionality – it’s a win-win.

How we make it easy for you to work with us

Telstra makes it easy for you to work with us by delivering a compelling experience that is simple, actionable, and clear. We’re committed to reducing complexity, and are transparent in our communications with you.

How do we do all of these?

First, by being open, honest, and timely in our communications, so you can rely on us – and your stakeholders can rely on you. We offer customers simplified solutions to business challenges, supported by clear lines of engagement and uncomplicated billing, quoting, and pricing.

Telstra is also committed to ownership and accountability. We understand what is important to our customers. From our networks, to our service teams, to our partners, we take ownership of your performance from end-to-end.

We match the right service to the right customers. We’re adding more value for customers with dedicated Service Desks and expert teams to serve unique transmission requirements.

Making the changes that need to be made, so that we get it right every time

Telstra is committed to continuous improvement – starting with being brilliant at the basics and building from there. We understand that great service comes from a dedication to getting the small things right, over and over again. And use leading data analytics to support our people to deliver excellence in experience.

We listen closely to customer feedback. And then we make the changes that need to be made, from tailoring our service to your needs to doing the basics right, every time.

From getting governance right to prioritising responsive, consistent, high-performance service, delivery, and assurance, we have invested in making the basics of your experience brilliant.

Telstra is proactive with your service. We use data analytics to anticipate issues and identify opportunities for your business.   And we’re responsive to issues and act quickly to fix them.  So if things go wrong, we take accountability to get it fixed.  

We invest in our people to deliver excellence in the moments that matter.  We have upskilled teams and defined new automated processes to enable employees to meet – and exceed – your expectations.

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