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Telstra Digital Stand for IBC 2020

Your trusted partner for global content delivery from Europe to Asia on advanced media networks

Telstra’s advanced media networks ensure media and tech thrive during turbulent times

The broadcast media industry is no stranger to drastic change that transforms the way content is developed, delivered and digested. Covid-19 paused live events and challenged production workflows. 

As we can’t meet our peers at the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) 2020 in Amsterdam, we want to keep the industry moving by sharing our stories of customer support, technology advancements, and views of a post-Covid-19 industry. 

Celebrate with us as Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) achieved five years of managed media and broadcast services, innovation and industry firsts. Since its acquisition by Telstra in September 2015, TBS has gone from strength to strength and seen great success in the broadcast industry. TBS is committed to supporting the broadcast media and tech industries to deliver breaking news, sporting events, and entertainment across all platforms.

Learn more about the advancements to our media networks from Europe to Asia, direct connectivity into two of the largest global markets – India and China, and esports and gaming capabilities.

Media Networks

Whatever the need, our skilled team help to find better ways through the right blend of networks, technology and services to reach and delight global audiences.

Major Events & Tours

From Grand Slams to World Cups, Telstra provides an end-to-end managed service for global events requiring large bandwidth up to 100 Gbps.

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International Remote Production

The future of production is remote. Telstra owns scalable high speed ethernet optical transport for high density remote production.

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Occasional Use

When news and sport need to meet time sensitive demands, Telstra has extensive global networks and teams to support around the clock.

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Next-Gen Linear Distribution

Deliver permanent and occasional-use channels for contribution and distribution to major markets in Asia on a trusted network.

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Connectivity & IP Transit

Access one of Asia’s most extensive internet network with diverse cable assets and direct connectivity to a range of major IP network operators.

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Streaming and Online Delivery

Deliver consistent, secure, high-quality online experiences audiences expect with a network that gets content closer to your end users.

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Telstra Global Media Network

The Telstra Global Media Network is a purpose-built network for video contribution and distribution supporting permanent and occasional use services for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint across fibre, satellite, IP, data and partnerships networks. Providing access and delivery at 2500 global on-network endpoints - 1000+ customer sites and 1500+ venues and stadiums – and managed by broadcast experts in Broadcast Operations and Master Control Rooms across the globe.


Distribution of high-quality video content over IP on the Telstra Global Media Network.

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Telstra Global Media Network

Check the network coverage of Telstra Global Media Network fibre, satellite and partner networks.

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Internet delivery

IP media delivery from on-network media rights holders to off-network media buyers using cloud infrastructure via contented networks with varied levels of content management and quality assurance.

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Take your content to India

Transport content in/out of India via an extensive range of networks to simplify delivery for the media, broadcast, and technology industries.

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Take your content to China

Access and deliver content from the fastest developing market in the world on a well-established network. Telstra’s long-standing connectivity into China means transmission is simplified to support the future of your business.

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Global Media Network demonstration

Wing Tang presents a demo on the Telstra Global Media Network (GMN).

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Next-Generation of network technology

Gaming and Esports

Network infrastructure and internet connectivity is crucial to gaming delivery. From low latency to download speeds, learn how Telstra’s network supports gaming such as livestreams and esports.

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5G for media

5G represents reliable, high-capacity links with low latency which is ideal for live news and sport. Learn how Telstra is developing it’s 5G for media capability to support Australian broadcast and sport media companies.

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Broadcast Security

As a recipients of the DPP Committed to Security programme, Telstra has the network and solutions to protect broadcast operations against digital threats so companies can provide the best possible audience experience.

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Sharing our Knowledge

  • Remote Production - Part 1

    Remote production affords the capability of producing events without sending an entire production team to work onsite.

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  • Remote Production - Part 2

    International remote production is capable of both compressed and mezzanine style compression using light or low compression. The key feature in enabling broadcasters and customers to use remote production capabilities is the Telstra’s global network.

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  • Remote Production - Part 3

    The possibility of interruption is combatted by low jitter and using light or low compression for uninterrupted transmission and broadcasting without compromising on quality.

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  • Major Events & Tours - Part 1

    Join Carl Petch & Steve Dargham from Telstra Broadcast Services as they discuss multiple delivery options when delivering a major event or tour.

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  • Major Events & Tours - Part 2

    Join Carl Petch & Steve Dargham from Telstra Broadcast Services as they share their experience delivering major events and tours from pre-, during, and post-event.

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