Miniature Live Cameras

Propel viewers to the heart of the action

Capture incredible live action footage that places viewers at the heart of the action and increases audience engagement.

Globecam miniature camera kits are built to excel in high action sporting events and provide a highly immersive viewing experience. Mount them on players, referees, umpires, jockeys, nets, bikes or race cars to capture breathtaking live footage that will have viewers on the edge of their seat.

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Key features

Crisp, clear and vibrant video

Built-in mechanical and electronic stabilisation helps produce crisp, clear footage regardless of high speed movements.

High definition live transmission

Globecam kits use low latency digital link technology to transmit pictures live and in HD directly from the field-of-play.

Range of supported links

We support short-range low powered miniature links through to more traditional 2GHz microwave technology.

Managed service model

We provide Globecam miniature cameras as a managed service, making it easy for broadcasters to deliver gripping footage from all types of events.


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Designed for seamless application

Small and lightweight, the wearable custom-designed miniature camera transmission kits can be placed on moving objects without interference, capturing compelling content from any angle.

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Full control to modify or interchange content

As a broadcaster, you have full control of the content that’s being captured live. Correct colour remotely and interchange content from other outside broadcast cameras.

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Flexible solutions

Be creative and enhance any broadcast experience with a unique live camera source. It’s continually adapted for specific sport or event requirements, including sporting code guidelines.

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Sport-specific solutions

We customise Globecam kit placement and operation in collaboration with sporting codes, event organisers and broadcasters to ensure viewers get the best possible experience.

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Behind The Collaboration with Telstra and Foxsports

Frequently asked questions

Why Telstra?

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Proven technology

The award-winning technology has delighted viewers at major events such as the tennis Grand Slams, UK T20 cricket, Australian Rugby League, Asia Cup and the Macau Grand Prix.

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Visibility for peace of mind

The Telstra Broadcast Operations Centre and Master Control Rooms monitors and provides visibility and peace of mind. By combining traditional technology with the latest in IP systems, we offer a securely managed end-to-end service.

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Solutions built for the industry

Telstra Broadcast Services brings to our customers a dedicated team of media industry professionals, high performance media networks, online video and cloud platforms, world class satellite services, and 24/7 bookings, operations and engineering support.