Australian Media Networks

Connecting the Australian broadcast community

Access the largest media networks in Australia for better ways to distribute and contribute content.

Our professional video and data transport network connects broadcasters, venues and major media sites with in-built redundancy for uninterrupted experiences. We can also help you streamline the costs of live event distribution with our flexible capabilities and occasional use services.

Key features


Our media platform supports real-time video carriage between sites and customers.


Every transmission is monitored 24/7 by Telstra’s Broadcast Operations Centre and Master Control Room to ensure high quality service assurance.

Web-based control

Manage your services where you have connectivity and reduce the need for additional hardware with our web-based portal.

Distributed Production Network

Enable a remote production solution to deliver multiple live content from vast distances to centralised production facilities

Occasional Use service

Cater for ad hoc events by setting up itinerant delivery between established sites on a pay-per-use model.


Single-point of contact

Reduce the complexity of managing your operations with the help of our expert broadcast team and one billing and booking system.

Purpose-built solutions

Deliver peak performance and reliability on a dedicated high-capacity fibre network with a streamlined topology and robust media nodes.

Real time distribution

Move your content quickly from production to viewers in a range of industry formats, whether live or linear.

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Why Telstra?

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Unparalleled expertise

We have applied our knowledge of operating some of the highest performing IP and mobile networks in the world to build a dedicated platform for the distinct needs of the media and broadcast industry.

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Technology investment and strategic innovation

We have committed to a roadmap of ongoing innovation to help meet your needs now and in the future and keep you at the cutting edge.

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Scale and flexibility

We can respond to your changing demands as we deliver more than 20,000 occasional use live transmission bookings annually.

Getting started

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