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How SD-WAN can help your business to adapt and thrive in the new normal

A reliable, secure and flexible network is one of the primary enablers of change. Many organisations are once again putting a priority on network transformation, and are looking to solutions like software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) to help tune their business network for peak performance.

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Asian connectivity moves East

Shifts in policy and regulation have resulted in a range of trans-Pacific subsea cable reconfigurations in the telecommunications market. The Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN), Bay to Bay Express (BtoBE), and Hong Kong Americas (HKA) systems have all been reconfigured or are in the process of reconfiguring their routes to land in either Taiwan or Philippines.

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Deploying SD-WAN for the first time? Four pitfalls to avoid

Throughout 2020, the focus was not only on digital transformation, but on digital acceleration. Combined with globalisation and users demanding better digital experiences, businesses are looking to technology to drive agility, flexibility and cost efficiency.

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The top three technology investments for post-pandemic growth

The pandemic forced businesses into reactive fixes to enable remote working, maintain business continuity and reduce costs. Many medium- to long-term goals look a lot like they did before the global crisis but wide-scale volatility means that today’s long-term decisions carry more consequence.

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The role of the male for gender equality

Many are juggling careers, family commitments and more, all from home. COVID-19 have brought are not the same for everyone, with existing inequalities being magnified in some cases.

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Telstra strengthens global media presence

Leading telecommunications and technology company, Telstra, is delighted to announce the expansion of its world-leading Telstra Global Media Network (GMN) into China and India, adding to the company’s already impressive capabilities in two of the world’s largest media markets.

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Remote working at scale

Like most other industries, the financial sector is focused on business continuity and meeting client expectations even in times of uncertainty. However, its highly regulated nature means compliance remains a perennial business concern – which adds another dimension to the business challenges amidst the coronavirus crisis.

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The biggest game-changing feature of 5G

Every new generation of mobile technology, from 1G to 4G, has heralded faster speeds and more functionality. Now we are headed towards 5G – the next-generation of wireless technology that ultimately promises to assist in delivering the kind of speeds that let you download a 3GB HD film in seconds (compared to around a minute or two for the latest 4G LTE technologies).

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