Global network modernisation project for the Royal Opera House

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The Royal Opera House (ROH) is one of the world’s most celebrated cultural destinations. As a grade one listed building located in the heart of London’s West End it selected Telstra to lead a widescale digital transformation project as part of the iconic theatre’s ongoing digital modernisation plans. The first step in this partnership will see Telstra unify the ROH’s networks to provide a fixed wireless service that improves performance, availability, and security. The new network implemented by Telstra will create a digitally enhanced ecosystem providing the ROH with greater customer insight and improving staff and audience network access and experience, ensuring better service availability for the ROH stakeholders.

Wireless connectivity opening up new ways of sharing content and extending access to the arts

Seamless wireless connectivity will also support the ROH’s delivery of world class artistic performances by enabling virtual collaboration with international teams. Creative teams working on shows behind the scenes will now be able to scope and plan productions before arriving at the iconic venue. In the Royal Opera Houses ongoing commitment to open up its artforms, the new network will also enable the ROH to produce, share and publish online performance content and materials, digitally interacting with patrons, visitors, audiences, sponsors and key industry stakeholders.

Future-proofing the network and scaling for growth

The collaboration will also see Telstra improve service delivery and IT support, with the increased stability of network devices and end-to-end network performance; visibility across infrastructure for IT operations and support teams, and increased performance in terms of rapid issue identification, triage and resolution. In addition, Telstra will future-proof the network with the addition of Intelligent Network Enabled IoT Devices, and scaling for growth.