Telstra IoT Global Connect

We make it easy for you to connect and scale your IoT

Deploying and scaling IoT assets globally poses challenges in connectivity, device management, and data privacy. Telstra IoT Global Connect offers a comprehensive solution, making it effortless to connect, monitor, and manage your assets worldwide. This ensures enhanced efficiency, cost reduction, and the creation of new opportunities. With us, you're not just connected; you're in control.

Key features

Advanced connectivity management platform

Centrally manage your global IoT SIM fleet with IoT Accelerator platform (IoTA). Access diagnostics, reports, and troubleshoot issues via a single dashboard.

Single bill for all your connectivity plans

Experience simplicity with our comprehensive Data, Voice, and SMS plans, all in one consolidated bill.

Strategic Network Partnerships

We partner with top carriers in Europe, Americas, and Asia so your IoT devices can access to the best quality cellular connection.

IPVPN connectivity

Connect to data centres with ease via the open internet or opt for dedicated VPN services.

Flexible IoT SIM

Choose from a variety of IoT SIM options to suit your IoT connectivity needs.

Secure and reliable

Our 24/7 dedicated support team ensures peace of mind whenever you need it.


Global connectivity

Enjoy seamless global roaming connectivity for your IoT devices across multiple countries via regional IoTA PoPs in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Enhance efficiency

Save both time and money by managing your entire fleet through a single, user friendly dashboard on the IoTA platform.

Scale at speed

Manage and scale your IoT fleet effortlessly with our feature rich IoTA platform.

Maximise business value

Let Telstra handle your connectivity needs. Our single agreement, platform (IoTA), bill, and dedicated support team free your time to focus on your core business activities.

Seamless integration

Simplify hardware design by integrating Telstra's eUICC at the manufacturing stage. This level of integration streamlines your IoT device production process.

Connect your assets worldwide seamlessly

Deploy your assets effortlessly with Telstra's IoT SIMs, connecting seamlessly through our extensive carrier partner networks and global Points of Presence (PoPs). Enjoy the simplicity of one single point of contact for support, one contract and a single SIM for all countries.

An advanced platform to centrally manage your global IoT SIM fleet

Telstra’s IoT Accelerator platform (IoTA) is a self service portal where you can manage your IoT fleet of SIMs via a  single pane of glass. It is an IoT and M2M (machine to machine) connectivity management platform with functions that can:

  • Monitor SIM state as well as data voice & SMS usage at any time.
  • Set custom rules and alerts to automate processes that streamline operations and improve efficiency.
  • Order pause or deactivate SIM cards.
  • Produce real time diagnostics, traffic statistics and subscription state information, as well as a range of automatically generated reports.

Speed up your time to market with the ideal network for your IoT application

Whatever your unique needs and aspirations, we're here to customise the ideal managed IoT connectivity solution for you. Our commitment goes beyond just providing connectivity we're your partners in every step of the journey.

Why Telstra?

Member of IoT World Alliance

We are dedicated to enabling seamless IoT device connectivity around the world.

Expertise and Experience

We bring IoT expertise and end to end capabilities, so you don't have to.

Extensive, fast and reliable global network

We have more than 2,000 PoPs and connectivity in more than 200 countries and territories globally.

Largest network coverage in Australia

Australia’s largest IoT and mobile network covering more than 4.4 million km².